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Smart Thermostats – are they any good?

With the rise of new technologies, it’s easier than ever to get your heating system up-to-date. Smart thermostats are designed with one idea: to make life more comfortable by providing temperature control tailored precisely for you!

What is a smart thermostat?

The internet of things is starting to take over our homes, and thermostats are one device that has been integrated into this new world. Homeowners can use smart thermosets with home automation to control their heating/cooling systems remotely via Wi-Fi connectivity!

What is the difference between digital/programmable and smart thermostats?

A digital thermostat is an excellent option for saving money on your heating and cooling bills. The device works by sending signals from its sensors, which detect when you’re home or away. The indoor temperature changes are automatically programmed based on what time of day it is so that both energy costs and comfort levels don’t suffer!

A smart thermostat can learn your preferences to give you an ideal temperature at any time of day. It does this by calculating when it is warmer and cooler, so the heating/cooling system will use less energy than if left on autopilot mode all day long without consideration for our schedules or needs in each environment we are located – whether inside or out!

Do they save money?

Pretty much, yes. A smart thermostat will learn and adapt to your living arrangements, knowing when to turn off or stay on. They also keep the heating consistent but lower temperate, ensuring the heating system uses less energy.
Smart thermostats also connect to your smartphone, enabling you to take complete control of your heating, even if you’re on the other side of the world! Amazing right? So next time you go on holiday and forget to turn the heating off – no sweat!

Are you looking for a smart thermosatat installer in Loughborough?

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Smart Thermostats - are they any good?

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Richard Hogg
November 14, 2021.
Work was carried out during September 2021. The electricians worked in a very professional way and resolved several problems that had previously existed. Good work.
Saoirse Lawlor Kennedy
November 12, 2021.
I used G Taylor to install new wiring, new lighting, relocate some sockets, switches and lights and repair a couple of broken sockets. Their quote was very competitive and the guys were very professional and helpful. I’m very happy with the work they completed and I’ll be asking them to complete installation of an electric vehicle charger and hopefully solar panels next year. They’ve already given me some helpful advice on an EV charger and made sure my wiring etc is ready for that to be installed. Overall I’ve been very happy with G Taylor and would definitely recommend their services.
Chris Munford
November 7, 2021.
I used G Taylor on a recommendation from a friend, they are a professional company that gave me best options on my lighting needs The guys turned up on the correct day & on time, they were friendly & professional. All the work was carried out to a good standard. I would definitely use G Taylor again
Bev Bright
October 13, 2021.
Found this Company to be extremely approachable, dealt with us in a very professional manor and quality of work to be of exceptionally high standard.
Fridge Magnate
October 13, 2021.
We regularly use "G Taylor Electrical" for our air conditioning installation works as tyhey are reliable and professional.

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