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We at L W Cole Electrical Services are fully committed to the ‘electric future’. In addition to being fully trained and qualified, our electricians are constantly seeking out new ways to service the homes of tomorrow. Would you like some advice on renewable energy for your home in Loughborough? Contact us today.

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What are Renewable Electrical services?

Renewable energy electric services are the future. So whether you’re looking to install solar panels or install an EV charger at home or in your workplace, we’re here to help. Need some advice or have a question about renewable eco-energy? One of the team is more than happy to help you. Contact us today.





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Our Renewable and Eco Electric services:

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Creating a Net-Zero Home

L W Cole Electrical Services is here to help your home to achieve “net-zero” electricity use. Get in touch today to see how we can help you achieve the goal of becoming net-zero.

EV Charging

We’ve partnered with EO Charging to bring you the latest and best home and workplace EV charging.

Are you looking for EV charging installed in the Loughborough area? Get in touch today to see how can we help


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