EV Home Charging Installers

EV Charging Installers in Loughborough

The vast majority of EV charging occurs at home, and rightly so. Installing a home EV charging station is a great choice if you use EVs frequently or if your car is an EV. L W Cole Electrical offer both home (domestic) Electric Vehicle charging installations as well as commercial (workplace) charging points.

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EV Charging Installers in Loughborough

What Are the Benefits of a Home EV Charger?

You don’t have to drive to a petrol station every time you run out of fuel, which is one of the benefits of having an electric car. Your EV can be charged at home. Nevertheless, most EV owners do not install home chargers and rely on public charging stations.

Public charging has its perks, but without a home EV charger, you lose out on quite a bit. Let’s examine some reasons for installing an electric car charging station in your home.

Chargers for home electric cars come with an installation fee, but the cost is affordable in the long run. EVs can be charged for less at home than at paid public chargers. If you use a home EV charger, you can also claim a tax benefit.

Home chargers are perceived as being slow by many people. Despite not charging as fast as rapid charging points, they are as fast as chargers in off-street parking or commercial properties. Depending on how well the charger is installed, it can take 1-7 hours to charge your car.


The main advantage of a home charger is that you can charge your car whenever you want. The car will be fully charged the next morning if you leave it plugged in all night.


Most electric car chargers have a universal socket and are compatible with many EV cars. Another EV driver can use your charging station if they bring their vehicle to your home.

EV Battery Health:

EV car batteries wear out over time, especially when they are charged repeatedly. A full charge at home once a day is better for your car’s battery than multiple charges at public charging stations.

Property Value:

Electric vehicle drivers are on the rise with electric vehicles becoming so popular. Homes with EV chargers are therefore more valuable. Your house’s resale value can be dramatically increased by installing an electric car charging point.

Required Charging Power

A home EV charger can charge at a rate ranging from 3.7 kW to 22 kW. EVs charge faster at higher charging rates. 3.7 kW chargers, for example, take 10-12 hours to fully charge a car, while 22 kW chargers only take 2-3 hours. You should determine your charging power first.
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Plugs in Your EV

In Europe, there are two types of plugs: Type 1 and Type 2. If your car has a type-1 plug, you will need a type 1 charging socket. A vehicle with a type 2 plug will require a type 2 socket. Confirm these requirements beforehand.

Need a hand? Send us your car make and model so we can determine which sock you require.

Accessories and Additional Functions

Various features can be integrated into your home charging station. Among them are cable hangers, load management, usage statistics, and access restrictions.

Installation Costs

Installation costs can differ significantly, but they usually fall between £300 and £1000. In addition to the cost of the charging station, installation expenses can sometimes be incurred, for example, cabling to an external building to your home. Don’t worry, before you commit to anything, L W Cole Electrical are here to walk you through your options, providing free on-site estimates.

EV Charging Installation FAQs

Don't do it yourself unless you are an electrician with experience installing EV chargers. Always hire a certified and experienced installer.

You can get a charger installed in your home in the UK if you:

  • Own the property, or you have permission from your landlord
  • Have your own off-street parking
  • Have a WiFi connection at home

Yes, but unfortunately this grant runs out at the end of March 2022. Find out more here.

Absolutely. We're a Loughborough based electrical company. However, we service the entire East Midlands with free on-site estimates. Get in touch today to find out more.

Installation of electric car charging points. We supply only the highest quality electric vehicles chargers for the home or office including:

Did you know?

There has never been a better time to go electric for all drivers. Let us help you get plugged in! 

For eligible electric vehicles, the government offers grants that can save you up to 75%

There is no road tax on zero-emission vehicles. 

With electric vehicles, fuel costs per mile can be as low as 2p, compared to the standard fuel costs of around 12p.

EV Charging Installers in Loughborough

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