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4 Ways to make your home more eco and escape the clutches of the energy companies

Are you tired of the rising cost of energy? Listed below are four ways you can make your home more eco-friendly and less dependent on energy companies.

Can solar panels help you escape from the energy price hikes?

01 Solar Panels

Eco homes can be powered by solar energy. Solar panels are becoming cheaper and more efficient, and they can generate energy even when there is no sunlight. Incentives are often available to offset the costs, and once the system has been installed, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Wind Turbines for your eco-home

02 Wind Turbines

Although they aren’t as popular as solar panels, mainly due to the setup costs and space required, domestic wind turbines are an option. Although they are much more obvious than solar panels, wind can be a viable renewable energy source if you live near the sea or have steady winds.

We’ve found a great article on wind turbines – see here.

Ground and Air heat source pumps in Loughborough?

03 Ground or Air Heat Source Pump

Through buried pipework, a ground source heat pump extracts low-temperature solar energy stored in the ground or water and compresses it to a higher temperature. During all seasons, ground source heat pumps provide 100% of a building’s heating and hot water requirements.

A super way to heat your home and be cosy!

04 Biomass Fueled Heating

Burning biomass produces heat by converting waste wood into energy. Logs, waste timber, wood chips and wood pellets are included in this category. Although energy is used to transport and process these products, they are essentially very low carbon if the wood is replanted.

Need some advice on Eco homes?

Are you in the Loughborough, Leicestershire or East Midlands area and looking to become less reliant on the energy companies? Looking to take back some control to your monthly spending? Call today and one of the team will be more than happy to discuss any eco-home options with you.

4 Ways to make your home more eco and escape the

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Work was carried out during September 2021. The electricians worked in a very professional way and resolved several problems that had previously existed. Good work.
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I used G Taylor to install new wiring, new lighting, relocate some sockets, switches and lights and repair a couple of broken sockets. Their quote was very competitive and the guys were very professional and helpful. I’m very happy with the work they completed and I’ll be asking them to complete installation of an electric vehicle charger and hopefully solar panels next year. They’ve already given me some helpful advice on an EV charger and made sure my wiring etc is ready for that to be installed. Overall I’ve been very happy with G Taylor and would definitely recommend their services.
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Found this Company to be extremely approachable, dealt with us in a very professional manor and quality of work to be of exceptionally high standard.
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We regularly use "G Taylor Electrical" for our air conditioning installation works as tyhey are reliable and professional.

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